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During the consultation included in the pack, Dr. Henry will offer you a reflection on your overall medical situation to understand the real and probable causes of your symptoms. He will work with you to carry out a logical sequence of study of your case:

  • Levels of organic suffering (your dysfunctions in space)
  • The evolutionary phase corresponding to the severity of your disorders (your dysfunctions over time)
  • External constraints (causes of the current problem)
  • Desirable therapy (to reinforce internal fragility)

It can thus help you make the connections and give meaning to many chronic disorders, clinical pictures that are often not very meaningful or complex and rarely improved by conventional chemical treatments.

It is essential to complete the questionnaire which will be sent to you by email a few days before the consultation.

How does it work?

With the calendar below, you can make an appointment directly with Dr. Henry depending on the availability of the calendar. This consultation is included in the package you ordered online.

You will then receive a link by email to connect to the audio and video consultation tool.

However, if you have a problem, if you can’t use the audio and video tool, don’t hesitate to use the contact box at the bottom of this page to leave us a message. We will contact you to arrange an appointment by phone, for example with Dr. Henry.

It is essential to adjust your pack beforehand to ensure consultation.

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