The 24-parameter Health and Nutrition Check-Up
& consultation with a naturopathic expert doctor Package

Thanks to this package you can carry out your 24-parameter BNS Homeopathy analysis and you have the opportunity to exchange with Dr Henry, creator of the assessment, who will study your assessment, conduct an audio or video interview with you to help you choose the most appropriate therapeutic treatment to correct as many dysfunctions and weak points in your body as possible.

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During the consultation, Dr. Henry will offer you a reflection on your overall medical situation to understand the real and probable causes of your symptoms. He will work with you to carry out a logical sequence of study of your case:

  • Levels of organic suffering (your dysfunctions in space)
  • The evolutionary phase corresponding to the severity of your disorders (your dysfunctions over time)
  • External constraints (causes of the current problem)
  • Desirable therapy (to reinforce internal fragility).

It can thus help you make the connections and give meaning to many chronic disorders, clinical pictures that are often not very meaningful or complex and rarely improved by conventional chemical treatments.

It is essential to complete the questionnaire which will be sent to you by email a few days before the consultation.

You will also carry out a 24-parameter Health and Nutrition Check-Up (BNS24). It is a blood screening test that will give us objective biological information and complete your health questionnaire.

To best prepare your consultation, we ask you to allow a period of 3 weeks between ordering your biological check-up and your online consultation with Dr. Henry. If you are not carrying out a biological check-up or have already done so, then it is advisable to allow 5 days between your registration and therefore receipt of the questionnaire to be completed and the date of your online consultation.

Dr. Henry is an expert homeopathic physician, specializing in functional biology and integrative medicine. He has been working for more than 30 years on complex cases and offers a global, integrative and logical analysis of your health and offers you a diagnosis of your medical situation.

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Comment ça marche ?

Avec le calendrier ci-dessous, vous choisissez votre date de consultation en ligne et vous réglez votre pack. Tout est inclus, la consultation en ligne, le bilan BNS24 et les frais d’envoi.

Lors de cette commande, il est important de préciser les informations pour l’envoi du kit de prélèvement pour le bilan Après avoir commandé votre pack, vous recevrez le kit pour réaliser le prélèvement et le bilan BNS 24.

Attention ! Il faut prévoir 4 semaines entre la date de la commande du pack et la date du rendez-vous avec le Dr Henry.

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