Have a functional check-up of your health with one of our naturopathic experts.

Exceptionally, we offer you a check-up with one of our naturopathic experts to show you the interest and effectiveness of natural medicine in the management of your health.

In these complicated times, it is important to take care of your health and boost your immunity. Natural and functional medicine can help you!

Are you in the case of people who have a daily pain or discomfort that they can’t explain? And despite numerous medical examinations and visits to your doctor you have no explanations and above all no solutions?

The aim of functional medicine is to find the origin and the real cause of your problems and dysfunctions. Our method, which is very different from traditional consultations, is above all a complete information gathering to find effective solutions to rebalance your whole person. Your symptoms that reflect a change in « behaviour », are indicative of suffering or are the result of a necessary adaptation of your body to compensate for a situation. They will then serve as benchmarks for drawing relevant conclusions about the origin of health problems. Body and psyche have a natural point of balance, different for each individual and it depends on your story as a whole.

Natural & functional medicine is a highly personalized method that takes into account the individual as a whole in order to propose effective therapeutic solutions.

How to discover functional medicine and our method?

Make an appointment in the online calendar below. After confirming the appointment, the system will offer you a link to complete a Health Check questionnaire which is essential for our practitioner to prepare for your interview. If you have already done so it is of course useless to do it again.

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