Frequently Asked Questions

For the urine analysis, when should I take the sample?

It is advisable to collect the sample with the second morning urine. This means the 2nd time after waking up or going to the toilet.

For the blood test for BNS check-ups, do I have to be fasting?

It is advisable to wait at least 3 to 4 hours after your last meal to take the blood sample.

Can I interpret my balance sheet alone?

The Tests that MyBioBox offers are above all supports for natural health professionals. It is widely recommended to do this assessment with the help of a professional trained in the method. If you do not know of any health professionals who are able to help you read and interpret the report, we can recommend one or allow you to conduct an online consultation with one of our experts.
For more information on the online consultations: more information…

How can I take the blood sample?

If the BNS check-up has been recommended to you by a natural health therapist or health professional who cannot prescribe a blood test, we recommend several options:

– Go to a laboratory near you or your therapist to ask them only to take the blood sample, or ideally to centrifuge the blood to give you only serum.

– Contact an independent nurse to come to your home and have a blood test. You can then follow our procedure to retrieve the serum you need for the BNS analyses yourself.

You can consult the serum recovery procedure by clicking on the button below:

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