The concept

Do you have a health problem? Do you want to make a general assessment and understand the origin of your problems? Are you looking for a specific, adapted assessment and would like to be able to read and understand it by yourself? MyBioBox can help you!

The philosophy of MyBioBox is based on understanding the origin of imbalances in the body and organs, which are potentially responsible for your symptoms. For this purpose we have developed several specific biological tests and expert systems that allow an interpretation with a “natural” & “functional” medical orientation.

The biological analyses give rise to a report through the expert system which will always have as its objective a search for a return to the balance of your body thanks to the recommendations of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic solutions.

The objective of the expert system is not to replace medical consultation, quite the contrary, but to provide analysis and consultation support for doctors and practitioners. Biological assessments provide leads for reading, research and understanding for patients who wish to know and understand the origin of a symptom.

We strongly recommend that you read and discuss with your practitioner the results and advice provided by MyBioBox.

Under no circumstances does Mybiobox replace a medical consultation and the advice offered does not include any medical or pharmacological treatment.

What is the purpose of the tests ?


Determine the failed regulation Anticipate the fragility of regulations


Determine organic dysfunction
Anticipate the risk of organic dysfunction


Determine the terrain and the real cause
Determine the trend towards deregulation


Prioritize symptoms
Assess symptoms


Determine actions
Prioritize actions


Anticipate risks
new symptoms

side effects

Limit the side effects of allopathic therapies


Propose the most appropriate natural treatments
thanks to the expert system

Our guarantees


1. A biological analysis of blood proteins and urinary catabolites
2. Reliable indication of the terrain by biological analysis
3. Quantified results to evaluate your vitality


1. An objective biological analysis
2. Therapeutic solutions delivered by a medical expert system


1. Targeted and personalized therapeutic solutions
2. A mapping of the current state of the terrain
3. Confirmation of organic dysfunctions and deregulations
4. Precise and quantified analysis results


1. Optimized therapeutic solutions
2. Saving time when consulting with a healthcare professional
3. Biological data that "reassure"
4. A functional diagnosis that highlights dysfunctions instead of a classic nosological diagnosis (classification of diseases by distinctive characteristics)


1. A biological analysis by a certified laboratory
2. An expert system developed by an expert doctor based on a study of more than 120,000 assessments and 30 years of experience
3. An assessment based on reference medical, scientific and homeopathic data

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