The Health Nutrition Profile 12 parameters

This assessment is intended for anyone who wants a « functional medicine » and holistic reading of 12 classic biological analyses with proposals for targeted natural therapies in the case of a known disease.

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The PNS 12, unlike the BNS, which is a field assessment on specific tests, is carried out on a dozen « classic » tests (and reimbursed) that your usual laboratory can perform (you probably have some of these results). All you have to do is transmit these 12 values to us and our expert system will perform an oriented reading that allows us to propose the appropriate corrections. Because even a localized disease often has an impact on several organs and regulations of your body.

Our PNS 12 allows you to prioritize problems and propose field solutions that correspond to you in order to regain your full health as soon as possible!

Et en pratique ?

En pratique, l’interprétation des résultats biologiques que nous vous proposons  ne coûte que 15 €.

Après votre commande, vous recevrez un questionnaire à nous retourner avec la liste des résultats d’analyse dont nous avons besoin pour réaliser le bilan.

What biological results do we use?

Albumins / Alpha 1 / Alpha 2/ Beta / Gamma

Immunity parameters


The marker for oxidative stress and tissue sensitivity.

Transferrin / Haptoglobin

Inflammation parameters

Uric Acid / Creatinine

The parameters of the equilibrium Acid Base

Cholesterol / Triglycerides

Lipid parameters

Our actions


Provide an interpretation of the 12 analyses in an overall assessment.

Putting you in touch

Facilitates the highlighting of relationships and interconnections between the different results of classical analysis.

The level of inflammation

The majority of health problems are "inflammation" problems. It is therefore important to assess the level of this inflammation and its origin.

Impact on the organism

Study the impact of the disease on the rest of the body.

Our objectives

The symptoms

Act quickly on symptoms by modulating inflammation in a natural and targeted way.

The inflammation

Understand the type of inflammation from which the person suffers and the factors of this inflammation (its origin).

The terrain

Highlight the person’s Terrain and therefore the organs and functions that could dysfunction in him/her.

Therapeutic solutions

Offer the most appropriate and effective personalized natural therapeutic solutions to treat your child’s health problem.

How does it work?


Perform the analysis of the 12 standard tests in the laboratory nearest you.


You send us the raw results with our health questionnaire.


You will receive an assessment with interpretation and targeted therapeutic recommendations in plants, essential oils, Bach Flowers and food supplements.

Would you like to know more about it?

Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.