The Neurotransmitter check-up

The « Neurotransmitter Test » (BNT) is a set of biological tests carried out on urine, which combined with an individualised questionnaire makes it possible to identify your dominant neurotransmitter and to read early on any deficiencies that may cause your emotional disorders.

After analysis by our expert system, personalized natural therapeutic recommendations will be proposed on your assessment in order to allow a precise rebalancing of your neurotransmitters. The MyBioBox Neurotransmitter Check-up is a remarkably effective tool for detecting disturbances in the biochemistry of your emotions, and with the help of your therapist, you can act preventively, naturally compensate for your disorders and avoid the chronicity of imbalances leading to burn-out, among other pathologies.

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Neurotransmitters: the biology of emotions.

In your body, there are substances in your body that allow nerve cells to communicate with each other and that allow the brain to connect with the rest of the body, called neurotransmitters.

Thanks to these exchanges, many functions essential to your balance can be performed, such as your motor skills, your learning and memory skills, the regulation of your sleep, but also the maintenance of your emotional balance and your resistance to situations and stress factors.

The main neurotransmitters involved in these functions ensure an adequate response of your body to the various stimuli of your daily life. It is therefore quite normal to get anxious in front of a horror film, to stress a little to mobilize the necessary energy to face Monday morning or to get angry, a little bit! Similarly, there will be neurotransmitters at the controls of your most serene emotions.

Among them, you probably know serotonin, commonly known as the « happiness hormone », or adrenaline, which is said to be sought to experience the thrill. But there are others, including dopamine, noradrenaline, glutamate and GABA, which together provide the subtle balance that keeps you in a state of well-being.

Today we know that a person is in good mental health if the main neurotransmitters are released in a precise quantity and order.

The neurotransmitters we have in our brains largely determine who we are. Depending on our terrain, and our lifestyle, everyone has a deficiency or excess profile with a neurotransmitter in dominant tendency.

But when the imbalance becomes too great, disorders such as chronic stress, depression, or burn-out may appear, depending on the neurotransmitters involved.

Nevertheless, the proportion of your transmitters can be favourably rebalanced by following precise, adapted and individualized recommendations.

The MyBioBox neurotransmitter check-up makes it possible to read these imbalances, and proposes natural solutions to restore well-being and serenity.

How does it work?

Is it physical exhaustion at work, poor emotional management or chemical failure of neurotransmitters or a combination of all three?

Biology by the determination of neurotransmitters (MYBIOBOX check-up) allows us to say that it is the conjunction of the three that is at stake because we are unequal in the management of stressors.

This is why this assessment will be combined with an individualised questionnaire.

This check-up will also detect the pre-Burn-Out stage, which is poor in warning signs other than morning fatigue.

The solutions and remedies

The contribution of precursor amino acids and targeted micronutrients (Magnesium, fatty acids ω3, Borage GLA, Zinc, Vitamins B and C), allows to act at the source of the problem in 2 to 3 months.

This available energy allows a faster return to work. This supplementation and the implementation of a nutrition that respects the biological clock are fully compatible with conventional management and often potentiate its effectiveness.

and in practice ?

In practice, the analysis we propose you costs 140 €. Our partner practitioners have sampling kits with unique codes, information sheets and instructions for use for sampling. They can give it to you during a consultation.

Alternatively, it is possible to order the sampling kit and analysis online on this site. Simply click on the « Order a kit & BNT analysis » button below, go to the shop and order your sampling kit and BNT analysis according to the instructions.

If you already have your sampling kit, simply click on the « Pay for BNT analysis » button to go directly to the payment of the analysis.

What are we analyzing ?


  • Marker of tranquility, control
  • Heart related


  • Excitement and stimulation marker
  • Related to the spleen and pancreas


  • Stress marker
  • Symbol of a passive response in the absence of solutions
  • Kidney related


  • Marker of motivation, movement and capacity for action with a desire to find solutions
  • Liver-related


  • Marker of the search for pleasure, excitement and euphoria
  • Heart related


  • Marker of calm and relaxation
  • Related to the spleen and pancreas

Our actions


Assess a risk or confirm a situation
of chronic fatigue, anxiety and mood disorders


Measure and confirm chronic stress
(type and level of stress)


Measure and confirm a depression


Detect or confirm a situation
of pre-Burn-Out or Burn-Out

Our objectives

The symptoms

Treat the symptoms associated with these imbalance situations in a targeted and early manner through targeted natural therapy.

Psychological balance

To find a psychological balance, a balance of our impulses and emotions for a situation of well-being.

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