Who are we?

At the origin of the MyBioBox® project, there are 4 people, a doctor, a pharmacist, a computer scientist and a company manager in the health field. Our common objective is then to make available to the greatest number of biological assessments from homeopathic medicine: the BNS (nutrition and health assessment); analytical assessment that allows a predictive assessment of the real risk and a correction of weak points. The challenge of this assessment is to logically organize the main aspects of medicine around the concept of diathesis, i.e. to highlight the increasing fragility of organic regulations over the life cycle, and thus to slow them down and control them.

For 30 years, Dr. Henry has been working in partnership with numerous colleagues, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, osteopaths and paramedics at the BNS (Bilan Nutrition Santé). With the hindsight and experience of more than 120,000 reviews, Dr. Henry has refined the work and accuracy of the proposed review and brought together many health professionals around the issue of the systemic vision of health. A website has been created to share information and offer online training based on this philosophy: www.medecine-integree.com

With MyBioBox®, we have worked to combine and couple these biological analyses with health questionnaires for cross-analysis by our expert system. The analysis transmitted by Mybiobox® makes it possible to offer a readable assessment that goes beyond the analysis of raw data and offers you correction advice based on homeopathy, herbal medicine and dietary supplements.

These reports can be ordered onlinedirectly from our website. You will be able to receive them at home, take the samples with the help of a health professional (nurses, laboratories, doctors…) and send us back the biological samples which, coupled with your online health questionnaire, will allow us to provide you with leads for analysis on your health problems.

We are currently working on the development of new assessments, on different and specific themes, with the help of expert doctors who advise us through their years of experience and their reflection on different health problems.

We are open to receive your opinions, your advice from partner doctors who might be interested in offering us assessments that they have experienced on their side. Feel free to contact us at the address: med@mybiobox.com

Our Team

Dr Jean-Yves Henry

As a doctor of medicine, he became passionate very early on about a different vision of medicine with the desire to bring a more functional vision to his discipline. He follows many specializations (homeopathy, phyto-aromatherapy, acupuncture...) and develops a biological method to validate the link between the phenomena and symptoms observed and the effect of the remedies. He teaches in many schools and develops courses in naturopathy and functional medicine through his website www.medecine-integree.com.Il practises as a doctor and naturopath in Switzerland but also online through this website. He is at the origin of the BNS assessments and supports our partners with scientific and medical training.

Aline Ziliox

A graduate of the Free Faculty of Naturopathy in Dijon and FENA certified, she practices a basic scientific naturopathy that promotes natural health by linking traditional and modern medicines. Naturopathy teacher, specialized in vital hygiene, nutrition and complementary therapies, she is involved within the MyBioBox team in the follow-up of practitioners and the support of consultants in French, English and Italian and and in the company's marketing and commercial development.

Thomas Pinon

After graduating from business school and specialising in the restaurant and hotel business, he took over the management of Eurodiet, a company selling nutritional solutions for weight loss under medical supervision. For 10 years, he developed a range of protein-rich products and a range of food supplements distributed in many European countries. At the same time, he created with Dr Henry, the MyBioBox company to offer the BNS biological reports to as many people as possible. He supports the company in its commercial and marketing development.